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We at Tiny Town believe the safety of children and families is of the utmost importance and we have taken many measures to help provide a safe environment for our customers.

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Tiny Town Toddler Camp will be taking place every Tuesday from June 23- August 11.  Our themes will allow your child to explore various Trades through age appropriate play and activities. Does your toddler love to be an astronaut or dig up dinosaur bones in the backyard? Then join us for Astronomy School or a Paleontology Apprenticeship and watch your child create a galaxy, make and dig for fossils and so much more! Is your toddler always asking for to help you bake or constantly begging to go see animals? Then you child would love to attend Pastry Academy or Zoology University. They will learn to make delicious cake pops and decorate cookies or use sensory play to understand how a penguin stays warm and even make art to simulate the beautiful tail of a peacock!

During our toddler camp your child will be able to explore town, engage in sensory activities, stories, songs, and art projects all relating to the Trade of the day. You can attend camp with your child or while your child attends camp take some time to read a book, chat with a friend, or get some work done. If your child is not potty trained we do ask that you stay on site for any diaper changing needs.

June: 23- Astronomy School
June 30- Paleontology Apprenticeship
July 7: Pastry Academy
July 14: Zoology University
July 21: Astronomy School
July 28: Paleontology Apprenticeship
Aug 4: Pastry Academy
Aug 11: Zoology University

Toddler camp pricing is $40 per day. Included is a daily all day stay and play pass (valued at $36 for a family of 4) for the week your child attends camp (up to 4 people in the same household). Purchase a camp tee for $5 (optional).

Registration is now open! Complete our registration form.

And as always, Included in your camp cost, your family is allowed to stay and play the day your child is in camp (up to 4 people in the same household). 

Giselle is the amazing, creative staff who teaches OUR staff children, so you know she is awesome. She will be the Lead Teacher for our Toddler Campers!