Bring them Along is our bring your children to work everyday program. A program unlike any other.

Tiny Town is a family-owned, family-operated, and family-friendly company.  We will start a first ever "Children at Work" program where our employees (where eligible) who have children, can bring their children with them to work. A fun job, able to be with your children, and you don't have to use daycare. 

A win-win for all!


We believe Tiny Town is the right organization, with the right culture to make this a positive tool in the workplace. We also want to give back to our community by offering opportunities for our employees to bring their child(ren) into work, offsetting the daycare cost - allowing our employees to go home with more in their paycheck.

For the parent and child, the benefits include making nursing/feeding easier and allowing for the inherent health benefits for both parent and child, enhanced bonding, lessening of daycare costs, more financial stability, great social network and extended-family support for both parent and child. 

The benefits for Tiny Town include having the parent back to work sooner, morale-boosting, employee commitment, and creating a whole new style of teamwork for not only the company, but for Lancaster County!

Tiny Town is a family-owned, family-operated, and family-friendly company. We are looking for fun, energetic, creative individuals who enjoy working with children and families to join our team. Jobs here at Tiny Town are less than part-time for most positions; do not plan on quitting your fulltime job with benefits to work here. ;)


Do you love cleaning and organizing?! And want to be paid to do so? And also bring your kids with you? We are seeking highly motivated, energetic, and outgoing staff to join our Town Team! This person will join in creating a fun, clean, safe, and enjoyable time for our customers. The real jobs means you will pick up 1000 toys a shift, clean, clean, clean, and also have a great time meeting new customers and joining our staff community.


  • Reliable, internally motivated, and outgoing
  • Be able to work at least 2 (4 hour) shifts a week
  • Eligible to bring your children to work with you

Do you enjoy serving? Do you have an eye for detail and creativity?
We are seeking a highly motivated, energetic, and outgoing staff to join our party team. This person will join in creating memorable moments for our TT party families; from decorating for parties, to serving families during their celebrations - we are looking for someone who enjoys the details and is a great team player. 


  • Has a keen eye for details and maintaining our party standards
  • This position is split between 1 weekday and primarily on weekends - Saturdays and Sundays based on party needs
  • Bring Your Children: No, this position is not eligible during birthday hosting on weekends.

533 Janet Ave,

Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: 717.947.7350

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We at Tiny Town believe the safety of children and families is of the utmost importance and we have taken many measures to help provide a safe environment for our customers.

Take a look at what we are doing during this pandemic. Read more....